Film Footage of Television News Segments from January and February, 1969


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Film Footage of Television News Segments from January and February, 1969


-- County Health - Bartonett (3) on Mosquitues, Date: "02/04/69": Bob Bartnett, director of the Harris County Mosquito Control, shows on a map the areas that have already been sprayed for mosquitoes as well as the regions to be sprayed in the future.
-- Train Fatal, Date: "02/04/69": Police take statements from a pair of men. Warning: this clip contains graphic material that may not be suitable for all viewers.
-- Hijacker Shot, Date: "02/03/69": Footage opens with exterior and interior shots from CIT Universal Financing office, including an officer taking notes; the next scene is in a neighborhood, showing a large crowd gathered to watch police deal with the wounded robbery suspect and give statements; a man is interviewed about his confrontation with the robber, whom he shot in the arm; two young men are shown being taken into police custody.
-- Sporting Goods Show, Date: "02/03/69": Footage taken from around the 40th National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) Convention & Show, showing the various product demonstrations and sales.
-- 2-Alarm Fire, Date: "02/03/69": Footage shows firefighters working to put out a house fire at Mason Street and Hyde Park Boulevard while neighbors look on.
-- Two Conmen, Date: "02/03/69": Police interview witnesses outside a building; inside an officer is shown readying a camera; a door labeled “Office” is shown to have been forced open; a pair of firefighters climb down their truck’s ladder with an empty lockbox.
-- Worthing H.S. Kitchen Fire, Date: "01/27/69": Footage shows the scorched kitchen and burnt goods; a police officer dusts a window frame for prints.
-- Eckels on School Lunches, Date: "01/27/69": Houston Independent School District school board president Bob Eckels discusses school lunch costs and his desire to better police the free lunch program.
-- Dome Fences - Squatty Lyons, Date: "01/27/69": Footage shows chain link fences pulled away from their supporting posts and a series of billboards discussing fencing and land development issues; Houston city council member E. A. “Squatty” Lyons comments on the value of the land and reason for the fence.
-- Carol Ashbrook - Police Brutality - Castaway Club, Date: "01/31/69": Channel 11 reporter Judd McIlvain interviews Carol Ashbrook, who witnessed a police officer beating a suspect.
-- Ben Barnes on Education, Date: "01/31/69": Ben Barnes explains that school consolidation will probably be encouraged with financial incentives, but that it will not be made compulsory that year.
-- Cancer Clinic, Date: "01/31/69": Footage of women gathered for a class followed by an interview with an unidentified woman on the need for funds to be able to continue nurse education classes on care for cancer patients.



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