Film Footage of Television News Segments from April to May, 1967


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Film Footage of Television News Segments from April to May, 1967


-- Clay at Fed Court House, Date: "04/27/67": Footage of Muhammad Ali (formerly Cassius Clay) being interviewed by reporters and interacting with a couple of onlookers (and briefly making a face at the camera); his attorneys Hayden Covington and Quinnan Hodges are also present; Covington asserts his willingness to remain Ali’s attorney and his belief that Ali will do as he says and not step forward at the draft call.
-- Chair. Bailey on Houston, Date: "04/28/67": Footage of the Democratic National Committee sitting in a panel; John M. Bailey speaks favorably on the Astrodome and the residents of Houston.
-- C. Clays Induction, Date: "04/28/67": Footage of Muhammad Ali (formerly Cassius Clay) passing through a crowd of reporters into a building, protestors holding signs supporting Ali outside, and other draftees registering with Army officers; an officer gives a statement to reporters that Ali had refused the draft and his case would be forwarded on for appropriate action; Ali speaking to a couple people in a crowd, followed by the departure of his limo.
-- Attny Hodges on Clay, Date: "04/29/67": Attorney Quinnan Hodges discusses filing both a suit and an appeal to two different courts and speculates on how long proceedings could take.
-- Andre Previn, Date: "04/ /67": Footage at the Houston Coliseum showing a poster announcing the sold out symphony performance for Andre Previn, followed by footage of a rehearsal.
-- Beechnut Plant Site, Date: "04/ /67": Footage of a wide street and panning across a large industrial building.
-- Chanell Annex, Date: "04/ /67": Footage of men, including Mayor Louie Welch, sitting around a conference table; unidentified man discussing the designation of an industrial zone outside Houston and the time limit to annex it.
-- Asbury, Date: "05/05/67": Footage of a man being released from jail and issuing a statement.
-- Apollo Moonshot Sked, Date: "05/08/67": Footage of three men climbing into an Apollo capsule, pulling on headphones, and talking.



April-May, 1967

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